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Zhejiang Yongyao Lighting Co., Ltd. is a professional lighting enterprise since 1989,which is located in Economic Develop Zone of Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province,China.The company as one of professional manufacturer of lamps enterprise, with advanced lighting plan,new design system, manufacturing and engineering.
In past 20 years, Yongyao lighting has always uphold the "integrity-based, brand quality" management idea, the production always strictly carry out IS09000:2008 system standards. Companies using advanced lighting product research and development system,sophisticated production equipment and perfect sales network,supply high quality lighting products and services to customers.The Products such as: grille lamp, fluorescent lamp,soft light, water-proof light, clean lights, classroom light, LED grid,LED panel light, LED downlightst, LED integrated fixture,LED lamp, street lamp, pole lamp, high lamp, courtyard light, lawn lamp, buried lights, landscape lights, and so on have been sold to all over the country, and exported to Europe, middle and South America, the Middle East more than 20 countries,all goods are favored by users.
Yongyao using own advantages, bring in all kinds of professional technicians, also spend a lot of money to product upgrade and new product research every year,until now, has successfully developed the special energy-saving lighting series, such as lamps for classroom and blackboard, new lift high lamp, electronic ballasts and LED grille lamp's etc.
Zhejiang yong yao lighting co., LTD. Through the Chinese products mandatory CCC certification and CE, GS, RoHS, EMC and so on many international certification.
Yongyao will continue to concept of green lighting, development of innovative design, excellent product quality, sincere service,continuous improvement of efficient management, to lead the new trend of the lighting.

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